Express Server

  • Oracle Validated Integration solution for Oracle WMS and MSCA
  • Streamline and enhance WMS/MSCA operation easily
  • Works for all WMS/MSCA mobile forms (standard and custom)
  • Works for all MWA clients, Telnet and GUI, Windows/iOS/Android
  • No modification to Oracle code, so patch-safe and upgrade-safe
  • Multi-tier personalization: Site, Responsibility, Organization, User

Turbocharge Your Warehouse & Manufacturing.

Express Server provides personalization capabilities to all Oracle WMS/MSCA mobile screens.

Using this server, anyone who is setup to be personalization administrator can change field’s properties at different levels (Site, Responsibility, Organisation and User) according to their business requirement. This allows customers to streamline warehouse execution and improve inventory control without complex Java coding.

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Personalization Capabilities

New Screen

Create new screens to fill business gaps according to your company needs.


Add validation to any fields in any screens, checking for condition and stopping user or providing confirmation dialog.



Automate or streamline transactions with defaulting values, automating keystrokes, hiding unused fields and integrating multiple transactions.


Extend existing MWA screens with Java or PL/SQL, call any APIs in Oracle EBS and leverage your existing IT team PL/SQL skill.


Advanced 1D or 2D barcode parsing engine to capture multiple data points with a single scan

Streamline Operations

  • Increase productivity, reduce labor cost/user error, simplify new user training
  • Automate transactions, e.g. auto enter, keystrokes like Ctrl-G
  • Integrates multiple transactions together (Zoom In/Out)
  • Advanced Barcode Scan Engine to handle 1D or 2D barcodes
  • Default values using SQL or powerful scripting engine

Easy Customization

  • Add new field(s) to display or capture information 
  • Add logic in existing fields, extend Oracle API
  • Create new inquiry or transactional mobile pages
  • Validate user input by invoking script or SQL
  • Input Pre-processor for input data mapping/translation
  • Disable Blind LOV Query

Video Demonstration of Express Server

Here are another ideas of what you can do:


Hide optional fields on any mobile forms to help streamline the operation.


Set fields default value on any mobile forms, reducing key strokes


Add validation to user input value, make editable fields to be non-editable, make optional fields to be required.


Introduce new field(s) or DFF to display or capture additional information.

Invoke custom PL/SQL API instead of standard PL/SQL API, allowing to extend Oracle functionality.


Change LOV field properties, allowing user to modify the list of values from Oracle.

Add barcode delimiter to any fields, allowing transactions to be done in a few scans Note: Standard Oracle MSCA/WMS only allows barcode delimiter on Item/Revision, Subinventory/Locator, and PO #/Line #.


With MWA Express Server we found finally a tool after we were searching for years for something like this. The solution was even better than expected. It does not only give us options to improve MSCA screens to our needs it helps us also to bypass 2 bugs that Oracle treated only as enhancements requests.

One word – Awesome. The Express Server has finally given Yankee Candle the flexibility to add customizations to the mobile WMS applications. We were looking for a powerful tool like this and there is nothing else on the market like it. Very cost effective and worth every cent!

at Pacific World Corporation, the expertise from the team in Intellinum was key to our success. We are extremely satisfied with their services. The team is very knowledgeable and is able to deliver solutions on time and on budget.

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